Rhinoplasty Nose Job Before and After Fort Wayne, IN

These are rhinoplasty or nose job before and afters taken in our Fort Wayne, IN office performed by Dr. Severinac.  Most have changes in the nasal tip on front view and nasal bridge reduction on side view.  Some have had crooked nose correction.  Dr. Severinac is one of two board certified plastic surgeons in Fort Wayne, IN who perform rhinoplasty or nose job surgery.

rhinoplasty2,front,before and afterrhinoplasty2,oblique,before and afterrhinoplasty2,side,before and after

rhinoplasty5,front,before and afer

rhinoplasty5,side,before and after

rhinoplasty3,front,before and after

rhinoplasty3,oblique,before and after

rhinoplasty3,side,before and after

rhinoplasty7,front,before and after

rhinoplasty7,oblique,before and after

rhinoplasty7,side,before and after

rhinoplasty91,oblique,before and afterrhinoplasty91,side,before and after

rhinoplasty8,front,before and afterrhinoplasty8,oblique,before and afterrhinoplasty8,side,before and after

rhinoplasty9,front,before and after

rhinoplasty9,oblique,before and after

rhinoplasty9,side,before and after