Carpal Tunnel Release

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome results when a nerve within a tunnel of small bones and ligament in the wrist and hand is pinched by repetitive movement such as working on an assembly line or a computer. The symptoms involve the thumb, index and long fingers with night time aching, numbness, accidently dropping things and in later stages, weakness of grip. If compression of this nerve continues, permanent damage can result.

In early stages, this condition can be treated with night splinting, anti-inflammatory medication, and steroid injection. If these conservative measures fail, then carpal tunnel release is indicated.

Dr. Severinac was the first to introduce the single port Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This a less invasive surgical procedure for releasing the pressure on the nerve within the hand. Using an endoscope (a telescopic camera) inserted through a small incision (about one-quarter of an inch) in the wrist, Dr. Severinac is able to cut the ligament over the carpal tunnel and release the pressure on the nerve without cutting through the skin in the base of the palm. Endoscopic surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome results in a much faster healing time than the open surgical technique.

Dr. Severinac has performed many of these procedures for assembly line workers, surgical technicians, office workers, and homemakers.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, don’t delay. Symptoms can become permanent if not treated. Please contact us today.