Face and Neck Lift

Face and Neck Lift with DTS (Deep Tissue Suspension)

If the skin on your face, under your chin or on your neck has begun to sag, you might be an excellent candidate for a face and neck lift or rhytidectomy. Dr. Severinac considers a face and neck lift to be one and the same. The vector of skin pull required to properly tighten the skin of the cheeks and neck should be over the jaw and onto the cheeks, as well as toward the area behind the ear.

Deep tissue suspension is a procedural term created by Dr. Severinac.  The skin is simply not strong enough to hold the face and neck drooping in place following face and neck lifting.  The skin stretches out over time leaving the patient with much of the same issues they started with.  The now bankrupt “Lifestyle  Lift” was essentially a skin only face lift leaving patients dissatisfied with these issues.

The Deep Tissue Suspension supports the elevation of the deep layer of tissue in the cheek that is continuous with the jowl, marionette, and neck layer.  The  sutures hold the elevation in place for 2 to 3 months and then dissolve.  At this point, the suspension is held in place by the healing process giving long lasting results.

Face and neck lift with  DTS is performed in our office operatory with local anesthesia and oral sedation.  The oral sedative is given under the tongue for the best absorbtion.  The procedure then starts about 30 minutes later when the patient is very relaxed.  The local anesthetic is placed in the mouth as nerve blocks, then around the ears.  Finally, tumescent fluid (also  used in liposuction) is placed in the cheeks and  neck to complete the numbing.  After this, most patients will fall asleep under the  effects of the oral sedative.

During the Face and Neck lift with DTS, discreet incisions are made along the side burns and around ears. The skin is elevated off the underlying tissues in the cheeks and neck. Dissolving sutures placed to suspend and support the deeper tissues in the cheek elevating the jowls, marionette, and neck tissues. A considerable amount excess skin is removed from the cheek and neck from in front, below, and behind the ear. The skin is meticulously repaired with under the skin fine sutures with minimal tension because of the deep tissue suspension. Excess fat can be removed from the jowls and below the chin with liposuction.

Dr. Severinac places his incisions so they are inconspicuous even with the hair pulled up. Face and neck lifts are commonly performed in conjunction with other surgeries such as forehead lift, eyelid lift, liposuction, and lip dermabrasion for even more beautiful results.

A wrap is placed around the head and neck which is removed in about 4 days.  Patients are typically presentable at 2 weeks but some may require up to 6  weeks for this initial healing.   Long term healing is ongoing for months afterwards as the swelling, firmness, and numb areas resolve.

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