Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Perhaps like no other place on the body, a large or deformed nose can diminish an otherwise beautiful face and this can have a significant impact on self esteem.

The nose is central to the appearance of the face and few plastic surgeons have the ability and confidence to perform rhinoplasty.  In Fort Wayne, for example, only 2 of the 8 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons perform rhinoplasty and Dr. Severinac is one of them.  The proper melding of form and function is no where more important than in the nose.  You will want an experienced plastic surgeon to get the results your face needs.

Changing the shape and size of your nose may be something you have wanted to do for a long time. Dr. Severinac can help you realize your goals, starting with an imaging program. He can manipulate your picture on a computer screen to reveal your possibilities for a more esthetically pleasing nose.

Rhinoplasty is typically performed at Dupont Hospitals Ambulatory Surgery Center under general anesthesia.  During the procedure, incisions are made along the inner rims of the nostrils to avoid visible scarring. The bone and/or cartilage are then sculpted for the desired look. Breathing problems can also be treated during rhinoplasty by septoplasty and/or  turbinectomy.

It’s time to look and feel your best!  If you think rhinoplasty might be the right procedure for you, please contact us for more information.