Face and Neck Liposuction

Are you developing your mom’s jowls or your dad’s jowls?  We may have an answer: face and neck liposuction.

The lower face, jowls and neck can have excess fat deposits that can often be handled easily through power assisted lipoplasty and tumscent technique liposuction. If the skin is not too loose, this may be just the procedure to directly remove that unwanted fat. The procedure is performed in the office under local anesthesia and oral sedation saving recovery time and cost. Sometimes, this procedure is performed with other facial plastic procedures like the Face and Neck Lift.

There have been emerging technologies for liposuction. Dr. Severinac uses the powered assisted lipoplasty or PAL device. This moves the cannula (thin tube inserted into the tissues for liposuction) in rapid occilating fashion. This allow the surgeon to concentrate on sculpting while alowing the PAL device do the work. Other technologies such as ultrasound and lasers are available but Dr. Severinac feels that they do not add any advantage but do add risk of skin burns and are much more expensive.

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